Tuesday, November 05, 2002

America, do you feel Cracked?!

Del Berman, here!

Starting this week, a brand new column...

A Critical Guide to Cracked Magazine!

I'm getting the column direct from a French site (translated by moi)where they have been running this thing to much acclaim for some time. They are on #127. We will begin there and give you some old columns as time permits.

This should be exciting! Culture Fantastique is a premier French periodical examining American culture. I'm anxious! You're thrilled! Let's do it!

All cracked covers come from the Cracked Cover Gallery.

Thanks, guys!

Let's do it--

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Fun Ideas said...

I am currently writing a book about the history of "Cracked" magazine, to be published by Bear Manor Media in 2010, just FYI.